6 ideas for Christmas/End of Year Corporate Team-building

Have you booked your corporate team-building Christmas party event this year? Time is ticking! Reward your team with a wow factor this Christmas and leverage tapAquiz for a unique, memorable event filled with fun and social buzz. Our software can be tailored to your needs and instantly turn your attendee’s phones into wireless response buzzers. People of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy your corporate Christmas event or team-building day. Don’t waste your time fiddling with printout sheets or putting together another boring powerpoint presentation – get started right now and save yourself all that hassle.

Trivia & Team-building: A perfect match

Research shows that teams who work together are much more productive and successful. Team building events are easy to plan in theory but can be difficult to execute. Event organisers need to remember that a workplace team building initiative is all about having fun. Why not end the year on a high by running a great trivia night? It’s cost-effective, social and fosters collaboration and teamwork between individuals.

Where should I start?

You could start off by having each “Team” take part in mini-game/exercises which can make your event more entertaining and engaging. Whether it’s movies, geography, or posts from your favourite game, you can tailor the theme and fill the space between rounds.

Tips for your team-building corporate trivia event:

Variety: Get your employees out of their comfort zone! Use a random method of putting together teams, so that people from different teams and levels will be working together towards a common goal!

Teamwork: Encourage the team spirit. One popular idea is to have each team come up with their own mascot or flag, fostering some healthy competition. Even better if it’s an office-appropriate mascot that can sit around the office.

Open-minded: Leave egos at the door. Overbearing personality and talking down to attendees just doesn’t make for a good event. It’s supposed to be a light-hearted but competitive event. Getting the balance right is important. Create an environment where everyone is able to contribute and have some fun!

Everyone’s a winner: While this approach gets a bad rap and isn’t always a good philosophy to live by, in this context it is. Don’t make your event all about the winner! Because there can only be one. You want everyone going home feeling like a winner. So offer things like Door Prizes, Dummy Prizes, even a mediocre prize. Prizes for everyone! Remember, your corporate-team building event isn’t about grading and appraising people, it’s a couple of hours of light, cheap entertainment.

Leave work out of it: You may think it’s a great idea to include questions that revolve around the sales targets that were hit vs missed, and it’s certainly easy to create questions like this – but are you sure it’s driving your objective?

Be nice: No one wants to attend an event where they’re told they suck! Rather, be nice with your quiz results and really focus on the positives, even if someone doesn’t do too well, turn it into a funny thing and not a negative.

tapAquiz has made it very easy for you to log in and start running your team-building event. Our simple, elegant solution offers you, the host, a variety of Q & A formats that can be used in any scenario! Whether it’s multiple choice, true or false, or a good old “where in the world”, you can be sure your attendees will be delighted with their fun, interactive experience.

tapAquiz will turbo-charge your trivia night. Get started.

Damien Cook

Damien Cook is cofounder and software developer at Appytizer Pty Ltd, a software development firm based in Melbourne, Australia that creates innovative web, mobile and desktop applications. Follow me on twitter [@DamienDeveloper] or [@tapAquiz]

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