Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if players close the app during a question/round?

A: If players accidently close their app or their device locks between questions,

they can open it back up and it will resume automatically.

Q: What if a player receives a phone call during a question/round?

A: The same applies. It will catch up when they end their phone call and open the

application up.

Q: What if their phone battery dies during the event?

A: When the battery gets low, they will receive a warning. If a team joins with the

same name – their points will automatically carry over and they can pick up

where they left off. The application has been optimized to reduce battery life; we

recommend you instruct players to close any unnecessary background


Q: What if the Internet goes down?

A: The questions are downloaded and stored on your device, so in an absolute

worst-case scenario you will still be able to view your question slides on the

projector. Fortunately the Internet is available on almost every device so hosts

who carry with them a backup Wi-Fi modem or have the option to tether their

phone, as a hotspot will be fine.

Q: Can you use a tablet instead?

A: You can use an iPad or Android tablet to open your slideshow and ‘mirror’ the

devices display onto your projector (optional).

Q: Is there a maximum number of devices?

A: no. Our system is robust enough to handle large number of devices at a given


Q: Should we offer a Wifi hotspot?

A: It’s not required, guests can use their own devices and Internet connections –

however if you want to add an extra layer of security you could setup a Wi-Fi

hotspot and provide this password to players attending your event.